Welcome to Detroit: Living City - A Shadowrun 5e Community

We’re a Shadowrun Living Community focused around storytelling, character development, and roleplay. Our community is based on the Discord application, with Roll20 for gameplay and Google Drive’s shared folders for document safekeeping.

A living community involves gameplay with a group of players interested in a setting, system, or style and getting together to play in a format that is similar (but different!) to organized play (such as Shadowrun Missions Online or Pathfinder Society). Sessions are posted online (usually weekly) by Game Masters seeking players with approved characters within the community to join their table for that session. The characters that players create within the community are then saved as they go from table to table, game to game, accumulating stories and experiences.

Detroit: Living City is different from other living communities in a few ways - our driving focus of having a flowing world to play in led us to develop our off-table chat rooms within Discord for character development, table fallout resolution, and to tell personalized character story vignettes.

However, developing a free-flowing world from table to post-game can lead to parties conflicting with one another as character ideals clash. Our Opt-In stance in regards to Player Versus Player ensures that both parties agree to resolving conflict – either through violence or diplomacy – before it progresses too far and bleeds out of character.

The style of play that we encourage has led to the development of custom rules for our player base. We’ve added these house rules to give players the opportunity to have something that truly makes them feel like a part of the setting of Detroit.

Our drive for telling stories and developing characters also led to the creation of an in-house Detroit sourcebook for the community, compiling all of our history, characters, and custom content into a single source. This is taken a step further in the playstyle of our community, adding additional content from our GMs onto the cityscape of Detroit to build it into a fully fleshed-out world.

That commitment to building a fully realized world together comes from those interested in becoming “Motorists”: players in the world of Detroit. Our recruiting cycles are currently scheduled on a quarterly basis, and are done in a two-step process of filling out our form and then sitting down for an interview game with one of our Corporate SINners (Admins) running the show.

If you have any questions, or want to contact us,  you can reach us by emailing detroitlivingcity@gmail.com or by filling out our feedback form located below.

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